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Revenue Generation – Dividend Yield

Property management, through Real Estate Funds or other investment vehicles, which invest directly in Real Estate – Corporate Offices and Logistics Warehouses in the main regions of the country, in order to maximize the generation of added value, with a focus on income distribution.


2 assets | R$ 1,2 B | GLA 92 K sqm

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1 asset | R$ 250 M | ABL 9 K sqm

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Total Return (Private Equity)

Investment vehicles focused on total return (IRR and Multiples), similar to Private Equity vehicles, with a focus on office, logistics and opportunistic markets located in the country’s consolidated regions (SP and RJ), which benefit from active management and Value Added, with clear entry, operation and exit points.

Third-Party Portfolio Management

BR Properties S.A.

5 assets + 2 Landbanks | R$ 975 M | GLA 303 K sqm

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NM Capital

1 asset | R$ 68 M | ABL 23 K sqm