Investor Relations


Our objective is to reliably and clearly disclose what we have built over a decade and a half, our commitment to support society, the environment, and people, as a way to ensure business continuity. Our mission, clearly communicated to the market, is “to create a space people miss when they are not there”, which necessarily requires a lot of work focused on ESG.

Our Company always has been attentive to the best valuable practices and management that reduce the environmental impact of our activities, providing better life quality for our clients. Proof lies in the fact we are a founding member and an active partner in Brazil of the Green Building Council (GBC Brazil), a global organization present in 80 countries, focused on transforming the building industry towards sustainability.

Over the course of BR Properties S.A.’s 16 years of existence, we have been advancing our ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance) practices, within our segment. As a demonstration of this progress, we actively strived to inform, disclose and improve our strategy and objectives concerned with these demands.

The adoption of sustainable practices coupled with investments in projects that provide varied urban infrastructure, privileged location, smart services, and services excellence for tenants – pillars of our Strategic Planning – justify our growth over the years. Our assets are located nearby large urban centers with public transport and a wide variety of services available in the enterprise and its surroundings, and major logistics corridors, in well-established clusters that attract blue chips.

Such characteristic, in line with an escalating flight-to-quality trend seen in cities, such as São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, adds value to assets, cuts costs and broadens the appeal for Triple-A properties, attracting and retaining tenants willing to add certification to their businesses, both in office and logistics segments. The expertise gained in such a journey provides us with a high capacity for portfolio recycling, attractive investments profitability, and continued optimization of our capital structure, marked by a conservative stance on the Company’s liquidity.

Photo by Clique Retire on Unsplash.