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BGR Asset Management, or BGR, was established as an asset manager through the restructuring of the former BR Properties (BRPR3), splitting management and property ownership.

Based on the management team’s extensive experience in the Brazilian real estate market, having concluded more than R$28 billion in real estate purchase and sale transactions over the last 17 years, BGR inherited the entire track record of BR Properties’ executives, who have always designed strategies tailored to the cycles of the real estate market, maximizing returns over the medium and long term.

Through different investment vehicles, BGR is now active in commercial properties, such as corporate office buildings and logistics and industrial warehouses, located in the main consolidated regions of the country, with the aim of providing different types of investors with opportunities in the real estate market, through strategies that meet the needs of each investor – institutional or individual – either through income or total return.

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Investment Strategies.

Active management and high capacity for property operation and administration

Strategic and assertive analysis of real estate market cycles and the macroeconomic scenario

Triple A portfolio, highly diversified tenant base with low credit risk and high occupancy levels

Track Record.



+ R$ 28 B

in real estate purchase and sale transactions


+ 2,3 M

sqm GLA in M&A transactions


R$ 6

argest direct real estate assets´ sale in Brazil’s history​


+ R$ 13 B

in debt issuances​ (Perpetual Bonds, Debenture, CRI, CCI, CCB)​